What happens to second place?

I just finished watching my recorded replay of the American Idol performances by David Cook and David Archuleta.  This episode is the final performances of the competition before the winner is crowned tonight.  The performances were very good but I’ve seen better from David Cook this season.  I really wanted Mr. Cook to come out and deliver a knock out punch because he’s been such a force the entire seventh season of this show.

But lets face it, David Archuleta has a very gifted voice as well.  It’s quite amazing for a seventeen year old.  David performed extremely well this season and obviously has a strong following from the women in the audience.

Which brings us to the vote.  It’s anyone’s guess who will win.  Which is a shame.  Someone has to win.  Even if it’s by one vote. 

So what happens to the person that doesn’t win?  Will they still go on to start what appears to be a life long singing career?  I can’t imagine either of them fading away.  I think we’ll be hearing from both of them for many years to come.  Rock on.

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One Response to What happens to second place?

  1. rebecca1006 says:

    Well,I think either one of these crazy talented guys will be a great idol. I was completly sold on Cook before last night,now I’m ok with either of the 2. They are both just amazing. I will buy a cd made by either of them. I’m pretty sure they are both set when it comes to record deals. Set for life! I guess they both win no matter who takes the title,they have tons of musical bliss awaiting them,I’m sure lots of record labels will jump at the chance to sign either of these 2 amazing ,but so different in styles,phenominal voices. Have a great day! Rebecca

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