Working With CSS Sucks

Why does it have to be so hard to customize a freaking blog?  I guess if you work with cascading style sheets all of the time you get used to it.  But overrides aren’t easy.  Anyone ever heard of drag and drop?  Ok, how about just drag?

image It took way to long to customize this blog.  First of all, the font was teeny tiny.  I guess it was ok if you are running 800×600 or 1024×768 resolutions but I run 1680×1050 and higher.  And the eyes are getting older. The original template had the columns too skinny.  The main column for the posts is wider now and that will allow some room for a pretty picture here and there.  Here’s Elvis, my dog.  The green in his eyes is leftover kryptonite.

I managed to workaround just about all of the overrides I wanted to make, but it would be nice to have more direct control over the source template.  I guess hosting millions of blogs makes that impractical.

Oh well, I guess the better part of the world just takes a template and uses it. 

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One Response to Working With CSS Sucks

  1. Jacko says:

    Dude i totally feel for you, CSS sucks balls, im sorry but it does and no matter what those geeks out there tell you about “oh look how much control i have” it does not change the fact that “control” is not everything this is what these geeks will never understand! Control is great, but its just one part of the equation, CSS forces you to code your arse off and makes you have no life (like those geeks) it forces you to play by their rules.

    CSS has made most peoples lives harder despite all the fake publicity and hype it SUCKS.

    Using tables and html you can make a great webpage in a few hours, using CSS it will take you days, and then many hours of stress trying to find out why the bloody thing does not show properly in a different browser.

    If all the browsers had one format things would be different but at the moment working with CSS sucks, it takes all the fun out of designing and turns you into a bloody geek, which is what i hate most.

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