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To blog, or not to blog

I’m trying to decide if it makes sense for me to even post here.  I already have three years of work in my work blog.  I thought it might be nice to post personal stuff here, and work stuff there.  … Continue reading

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I Don’t Own The Road

And neither do you!  You can probably guess where I’m headed with this one.  Actually, instead of being the typical rant I should just say right off that I’m happy to be writing this. Let’s face it, the streets can … Continue reading

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The Gold Standard of Flying

Early in my career at Microsoft I was traveling 50,000+ miles per year.  It was of course in the good ole days when First Class was still almost first class.  You know, back when they still had good food, drinks … Continue reading

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Working With CSS Sucks

Why does it have to be so hard to customize a freaking blog?  I guess if you work with cascading style sheets all of the time you get used to it.  But overrides aren’t easy.  Anyone ever heard of drag … Continue reading

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HDNET Premieres Lawrence of Arabia

It’s one of my favorite movies for some reason.  It must have something to do with far away places.  This week HDNET premiered this great movie and I’m watching it in high definition.  Simply amazing.  It just goes to show … Continue reading

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Does the sun shine in NYC?

I just got back from the concrete jungle.  I was walking back from a late lunch with a couple of co-workers and noticed it was clear and cool, but no sign of the sun.  I could tell it was out, … Continue reading

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